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When you want to get noticed, nothing beats a custom animated piece. There's no better way to set your business, brand or team apart. Our skilled animators use cutting-edge techniques and software to make sure every piece we create is one-of-a-kind.

Our Team of Animators

Animation can bring videos to life, catching your audience’s attention with movement and personality. At PEG, we have talented animators who can make any product or service come stand out with precision and creativity. 

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Planning and preparation are very important parts of an animated piece. Luckily, our dedicated Account Managers are ready to help you through every stage of the process and ensure that your project is a complete success from start to finish. 

Fully-Animated Piece

Without having to rely on cameras, fully-animated pieces allow you create a world that is only limited by your imagination! You can bring your audience into a unique, curated and fully-branded space.

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Animation with Video

Using animation to enhance video can give the footage a unique and exciting look. It is a great way to add your brand’s look and personality, while keeping a traditional-looking video base. 

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Types of Animation We Create

2D Animation

2D animations and animated videos are great for brands who have a clean, modern look. Sometimes we create entire 2D animated pieces. Other times, we’ll utilize 2D elements throughout a video, to supplement or compliment existing video footage. But no matter what, we always customize our work for each client, making sure it's a top-of-the-line, one-of-a-kind, branded creation. 

3D Animation

Sometimes the best way to make a special piece stand out is to add little depth! 3D animation is a great way to wow and engage your viewers. Whether utilizing a 3D logo as part of a video piece or a fully breaking down a product to show how it works – you name it, we can create it in Maxon Cinema 4D. We can handle all aspects of the 3D process, from modeling and sculpting, all the way to the rendering.

Video Board Animations

If you’re a sports team, sponsor or facility with video board or LED ribbons, there’s no better way to get your fans or audience energized than with high-end animations. Whether 2D or 3D, animations can prompt people to scream, cheer or dance. We got our start creating content for stadiums and arenas. So, you won’t find a team better equipped to develop content that'll take your game to the next level.

In-depth Animation Case Studies

Animation FAQ

There are lots of reasons you may want an animated video instead of something captured on a camera. Maybe the type of video you would like to make lends itself better to animation (ie. a fun cartoony piece or anything with a lot of visual information) Or maybe your concept makes video shoots too expensive or complex.

You can read more about using animation on our blog.

There are so many different styles of animation, and it may be difficult for you to choose the right one for your project. In the early stages of planning an animation project, we recommend having a discovery call with our team at PEG and we can look at examples together and match them to your creative vision!

This all depends on the project! Our team of video professionals will always recommend what we think is best. 3D is more detailed and realistic looking, and a great option for moments you really want to wow the crowd – like a logo reveal or product demonstration. 2D is super versatile and can be used in almost any instance – like explainer videos or alongside traditional video – to add color, movement and information. 

Learn more about the difference between 2D and 3D Animation. 

We custom-create every animation that we do on a project-by-project basis. This means that it will be built from scratch and purpose built to tell your story the way YOU want it told.

This will vary, but our recommendation is usually – as short as it can be while still conveying the message. Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter, but you never want to sacrifice the purpose of the video for the "right" time. 

At PEG, we save all footage and project files forever. So, if something did need updated down the line we would certainly be able to handle that for you.

The specific change would determine how easy it would be for us to do. For instance, if you just need an image or piece of text swapped out, it is likely that would be an easy change. Changes to complex parts of the animation, however, while doable, could require more production hours to complete.

Just reach out to discuss the changes to your animated video and we will work with you to make it happen. 

Animated pieces are always eye-catching and great on ANY platform that hosts video. And, of course, our team is always here to help you put together a final video launch plan, if needed.


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Video Production

Our award-winning team can guide you through every stage of video production, from the initial concepts and shoots to editing and launching a finished product that will get your brand noticed.

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Live & Virtual Events

We have decades of experience helping a wide array of clients bring their events to life! Whether in-person or online, we know how to make it an event your attendees and guests will never forget.

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