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Case Studies

To explore our latest work or discuss your specific needs, check out our portfolio page or reach out to our team to talk about your project.

On this page we have selected some success stories that demonstrate our video expertise, problem-solving capabilities and the value we bring to our clients on each and every project. Each case study provides an in-depth look into a specific project or collaboration, highlighting the challenges faced, the strategies employed and the outcomes achieved.

We have partnered with clients from across the country and from various industries to overcome complex obstacles and deliver unique, one-of-a-kind creative work. From commercial campaigns to narrative social impact pieces, our case studies showcase our ability to address diverse client needs and drive desired outcomes.

These examples showcase our industry knowledge, our problem-solving approach and the depth of our experience and demonstrate the value that our award-winning PEG team can bring to every stage of the video production process.

We believe in transparency, and our case studies provide an honest and detailed account of each project. You'll learn about the specific pain points faced, the tailored solutions we developed and any measurable outcomes achieved.

Whether you're seeking inspiration, looking for solutions to your specific video challenges or just getting a closer look at some of our past projects, we hope these case studies will provide valuable insights.

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Video Production

Our award-winning team can guide you through every stage of video production, from the initial concepts and shoots to editing and launching a finished product that will get your brand noticed.

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Animation can bring videos to life, catching your audience’s attention with movement and personality. There's no better way to set your business, brand or team apart. Our skilled animators use cutting-edge techniques and software to customize every piece that we make.

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Live & Virtual Events

We have decades of experience helping a wide array of clients bring their events to life! Whether in-person or online, we know how to make it an event your attendees and guests will never forget.

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