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Akron-Canton Airport One-Stop Destination Videos

Non-Stop To NYC

Non-Stop to Atlanta

Non-Stop to Charlotte

Non-Stop to Houston

Non-Stop to Orlando

Non-Stop to Newark

Non-Stop to Philadelphia

Non-Stop to Chicago

Non-Stop To Washington, DC

Non-Stop to Florida

The Result

“The Akron-Canton Airport marketing team values our longstanding partnership with PEG, from the collaborative nature to the creative execution, we’re continuously happy with the team and process,” said Lisa Dalpiaz, Director of Marketing & Air Service Development.

“In our latest campaign, PEG captured our greatest need of educating folks about the hundreds of destinations that are just one-stop away from CAK. We explained what we envisioned, and they brought it to life. Using the video across multiple digital platforms, we exceeded our goals regarding engagement and feedback.” 

The One-Stop Destination videos were a success on social media combining for 304,582 views over a span of 31 weeks with a viewing time totaling just over 423 hours. They were also seen by nearly 1 million travelers in the Akron-Canton Airport Terminal areas. 

The easy-to-consume, short duration videos – which features a variety of stunning visuals, has become the most “watched through to the end” of any series the Akron-Canton Airport team created to date. 

Read the full Akron-Canton Airport One-Stop Destination Videos Case Study here. 

The series was also recognized with a Silver ADDY Award in the category of Social Media Campaign at the 2020 American Advertising Awards.

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