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2019 Harvest for Hunger Videos

Harvest for Hunger Thank You Video

The first piece focused on the highlights from 2018's Harvest for Hunger campaigns and said a big thank you to all the sponsors from the previous year.

Harvest for Hunger Get Involved Video

This video was a call to action for the 2019 campaign and showed all the ways to get involved and help support the Akron-Canton Regional Food Bank during the upcoming Harvest for Hunger program.

The Result

The videos debuted during the Harvest for Hunger kick-off breakfast. This launch event had an excited audience that engaged with the content we created… and then engaged with again when the videos were shared on social media. The bright colors and quick animations drew the viewers’ attention and made viewers stop and watch.

Plus, with so much text on screen, audio isn’t really necessary to get the full story, which made them ideal for use on social media platforms.

In the end, the team realized the shining moment of the assignment was the storyboarding process early in the process. Having a storyboard allowed us to set the project up to succeed because it is easier to make edits and changes to a storyboard than at the animated stage.

The result of our articulated process allowed for the food bank to quickly provide feedback and for us to quickly supply updates before the more time-extensive steps took place. And since this assignment had a tight deadline, our early steps saved us valuable time later down the road.

In all, the project was complete – from script to video – in about three weeks.

And in the end, the Akron-Canton Regional Foodbank had two video they were happy with and proud to share.

Read the full 2019 Harvest for Hunger Videos Case Study here. 

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