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From Crisis To Recovery

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Video Transcript

Everything was looking up. But then COVID-19 came and changed everything. Our outlook, our jobs, our entire way of life. Uncertainty and fear spread across our region. For those who had it hard before, things got even tougher. Suddenly, we were all alone, searching for answers.

So, we rallied our community, because we are your United Way.

We are stronger than a virus. Our community came together. We reached out. Support poured in. We were there for our neighbors, like Faith. One of the first cases of COVID-19 in Summit County. She couldn't go to work, isolated from her family and quarantined in a home she was afraid of losing. Stuck, trapped, alone, with no relief in sight. Until a friend told her about 2-1-1. 

She called, not sure what would happen or what to do. But to her surprise, within days we helped pay her rent. Just like that. The support she needed. A bit of light in all the darkness. Hope was there. 

And Nicole. Her career was taking off, but everything she worked so hard for, all of her plans, shut down. We were there to help her back up, providing her with housing assistance. Helping every step of the way so she could get back on her feet.

This is our mission. To answer when someone calls for help, but there's still so much more we all can do to help our community move past this crisis. Reach out tell someone you know, someone you love, about United Way.

You can bring hope to those in need. You can make an impact. Invest in our community's recovery by supporting your United Way.