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Video Production

Video production is one of our specialties at PEG, and we have extensive experience producing bold, creative pieces that stand out for our clients. Whether it’s engaging corporate pieces or exciting videos for sports teams, we’ve got you covered.

Our Video Production Team

Our award-winning team will take the time to understand your vision and develop concepts that bring it to life. From there, we’ll shoot it, direct it and produce it, ensuring we capture all the footage and images we need for a breathtaking final product.

From the Portfolio

Aerial Photo and Video

Drones offer one of the best new ways to capture birds-eye views and other unique aerial footage that was previously unimaginable. We take great pride in having skilled, FAA-licensed drone pilots and using industry-leading drones, safety gear and editing software.

We currently fly with our dual-operator DJI Inspire 2

Want to see more?

Check out our reel to see some of our favorite drone footage and get inspired for your next project.


There is a lot to think about leading up to a video project, but our team is here to help. Our creative team is supported by dedicated Account Managers who can guide you through every stage of process and make sure the project says organized and on-time. 

Location Scouts

Before we arrive for your shoot, our team will come visit for a location scout. This allows us not only to meet you, but to get to know the space we will be filming. During this time, we can run tests if needed, take reference photos and make note of any special circumstances. That way there are no surprises on shoot day!

Scripting & Storyboards

Having a well-crafted script and storyboard is important to a project's success. Our team will learn all about you and your brand, and then work with you to tell that story through thoughtful interview questions or a voice-over script. We will also use your brand elements to create the overall look and feel of the video.  

Finding Talent

Finding the right talent for your video can be hard. We have relationships with talent groups that allow us to help you find both voiceover artist and on-screen talent that matches your vision. Additionally, we have contacts for makeup artists, food stylists and more that make sure your talent is looking perfect on set!

Video Shoots

The gear and crew on shoots are critical to delivering a great final product, and they’re a part of the project that we take great pride in getting absolutely perfect. From top-of-the-line cameras and lighting, audio equipment and much more, we have the gear – and the experience – that will help make your final product look great and highlight your brand in the most beautiful and exciting ways.


Once the video shoot is over, our team brings the footage back to our offices and gets to work. Using years of post-production experience, they craft your story. This stage of the process include expert color-grading, editing, animations and other special effects that bring your project to life. Once it's approved, we send you the competed deliverables – in the correct size and file formats – for you to use! 

In-depth video case studies

Video Production FAQ

That depends on your project, but our team is experienced in all aspects of video production, and is here to help look at your audience and your message and work with you to figure out the best plan for your unique message. 

The answer to this will vary depending on your intended use. The most important thing is telling a great story and if you’re doing that and using the video in the right place, people will be attentive and engaged.

We’ll work with you to figure that out! Could be at your location, in a studio, a rented location, public place or somewhere we haven't even thought of yet. We have experience with lots of different options and can make them all look great. 

Script writing is always a collaborative process for us. We offer in-house copywriting and love crafting a video narrative, but also are open to working with you and your team. After all, you know your brand best! Either way, we will work together to bring that story to life. 

Absolutely! We have FAA certified drone pilots and an experienced team that loves to fly.

Video production is a collaborative process and your feedback is important! We always build in revision rounds into video quotes in both the storyboard and edit rounds. Our office also has space for you to come sit with our editors for a revisions round, if needed. 

This is a great question. We keep your footage on our storage systems forever - yes, FOREVER! We keep it on hand for future projects we might work on with you or in case you need it down the road. It's your footage and you are welcome to get it from us at any point. Usually all it takes is a phone call and a large hard drive, and we can make that happen. 

We do our best to "future proof" all our footage. Our cameras shoot in at least 4k, so we ensure that anything we create together will have a long shelf life and get lots of extended use if needed.

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Animation can bring videos to life, catching your audience’s attention with movement and personality. There's no better way to set your business, brand or team apart. Our skilled animators use cutting-edge techniques and software to customize every piece that we make.

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Live & Virtual Events

We have decades of experience helping a wide array of clients bring their events to life! Whether in-person or online, we know how to make it an event your attendees and guests will never forget.

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