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SummitLive365 Brand Video

Client: ArtsNow / Industry: Non-Profit / Completed: October 2015 / Location: Akron, OH

Objectives/Requirements Discovery/Concepting Video Creation Results



  • Help unveil a new website and resource to the community in a dynamic way
  • Showcase their mission of serving every part of Summit County
  • Illustrate the vast amount of arts and culture events that take place in the area each year
  • Create an animated piece that was fast-paced, modern and exciting
  • Utilize photos provided exclusively by local photographers and a music bed from a local musician


  • Provide an upload solution for outside collaborators to provide images to be featured in the piece
  • Create an animated piece that could be utilized in a variety of ways, including at their launch event, on their website and posted on social media
  • Create a shorter version of the piece that would be used as a trailer in local movie theaters


ArtsNow was preparing to launch, an all-new website, where arts, culture and entertainment venues, events and artists would be listed and searchable. The launch of this video would be an important step in marketing the site and making a splash in the creative community, and the community as a whole.

To begin the discovery process, our team met with multiple people who were involved and supporters of the organization. It was immediately clear that the launch of this new website was a big deal for many of the leaders in Summit County, who were involved in the creation of this new organization. We gathered select stakeholders at our office and began brainstorming how to best give them the type of piece that would accomplish the goals of everyone involved. There was an overwhelming desire for something that would get people excited, while being energetic and lively.

The video would also need to represent all of the cities, towns and neighborhoods in Summit County. Since doing months of video and photo shoots wasn’t practical from a project-timing or budget standpoint, the organization was able to find local photographers who were willing to share images that they took at local arts and culture events, and that they would be willing to allow to be included in the video. With this solution in place, it was time to get the ball rolling.

Video Creation

While we had a solution in place for the photos that would be needed for the video, there was also the challenge of coordination. We were able to set up a private upload solution, via a link that ArtsNow could share with the collaborators, so that they could easily upload their photos. In all, we received over 800 images, which we then sorted by location, ensuring that every area was included.

While these photos were coming in, our creative team was hard at work, bringing the concept to life. We used After Effects to create the piece, incorporating fast-paced animated effects, vibrant colors, text and energetic movement, all timed up to a music bed that was provided by a local artist. We also added in the photos, carefully selecting ones that would show creativity from each part of Summit County.


The ArtsNow team was thrilled with the finished video. It premiered at the launch party, a large event, held at the John S. Knight Center in downtown Akron. Stilt walkers, a steel drum circle, live painting, ballet dancers and more accompanied the video’s debut. This video played right before the site went live and the crowd loved it, reacting to the recognizable scenes of events around the county, the energy, colors, music and movement.

The video was incredibly popular after the event as well, and continues to be shared, viewed, and requested by organizations to highlight why Summit County is a vibrant area for arts and culture. A shorter version of the video was also created that was played as a trailer at movie theaters in the area, and was prominently featured before many big showings.

The entire project was a huge success and was an example of how thinking outside the box and embracing the culture of a client can lead to great collaboration, and even greater finished product.

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