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2024 NHL Winter Classic Event Graphics

Client: NHL / Industry: Sports / Completed: January 2024 / Location: Seattle, WA

Objectives/Requirements Discovery/Concepting Coordination and Storyboarding Creation Results



  • Design, animate and deliver 400+ in-stadium graphics to create a cohesive visual experience across all boards at the 2024 Discover Winter Classic


  • Work within the provided design and brand guidelines developed by the NHL for the 2024 Discover Winter Classic 
  • Ensure all graphics and animations are created at the correct sizes and formats for the various boards throughout T-Mobile Park
  • Have one PEG team member on-site in Seattle leading up to and during the event to handle changes or last-minute additions


In the initial phases, our team was focused on fully understanding the client's needs and the project's large scope. With the client based in New York City, we had several video conference meetings to discuss the list of deliverables, concepts and what elements were successful in prior years. The NHL had already created a logo and look for the 2024 Discover Winter Classic, so we were provided with a style guide early on that helped with concepting and ideation.  

Our team also reviewed previous project files and analyzed available game footage to see how the graphics would function in live game situations within the stadium.  

The whole process was extremely collaborative and created a strong foundation for the project. This helped build a comfortable relationship between everyone involved from all parties.

Coordination and Storyboarding

Project Management 

Our Account Manager played a critical role in the whole project. Hundreds of deliverables, each with its own review process and deadlines, made organization essential to ensure all elements were completed, and on-time.

Using both internal and external platforms, our account team made sure our designers and animators had all the necessary assets and resources while keeping the client aware of progress and project milestones.


Each still graphic and animation started with detailed storyboards from our Graphic Designer. Storyboarding was pivotal in ensuring design alignment and a cohesive look throughout the package. 

Our team provided still storyboards before getting into the animation process for the NHL to review and give feedback on. This helped make sure everyone’s visions were in alignment even from the early stages. This was extremely beneficial and helped streamline the animation process, giving a clear visualization for both our team and the client.

We knew that due to the tight timeline of the project, many of the animated elements would have to be created simultaneously by multiple members of our team. The pre-approved storyboards helped make sure that any shared assets and motion elements were consistent and cohesive.


As storyboards were approved, the animations began on a rolling schedule. This part of the creation phase required dynamic and efficient team effort. With over 400 deliverables being worked on over approximately one full month, staying organized and maintaining consistency was important.

We used Maxon Cinema 4D and Adobe After Effects as the primary editing applications, supplemented with external programs as needed for special elements.

Working closely with the client, our team was able to use feedback services like to keep the approval process running smoothly. Once approved the files were rendered out in the final versions so they could be loaded into the systems at T-Mobile Stadium. 

On-Site Additions

One of our Producers was on-site in Seattle with the client and full game presentation crew for the days leading up to the event. With a strong knowledge of the existing animations, he was able to quickly assist with last-minute additions and edits that the NHL requested.


Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive. The NHL expressed satisfaction with a seamless event, engaged fans and an overall successful experience. Our ability to deliver the graphics in the correct sizes and formats allowed the NHL team to focus on other aspects of the production.

The unique opportunity to work on such a renowned event was further enhanced by having a team member on-site, resulting in memorable interactions with notable personalities like Marshawn Lynch and Sir Mix-a-Lot.

This project highlighted the effectiveness of meticulous coordination and a collaborative approach. The successful integration of storyboarding and an efficient creation plan ensured a visually stunning and consistent result. The project's success was not only measured by its flawless technical execution but also by the positive feedback from the client and the memorable experiences shared by fans and teams during the event.

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