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Your CAK Experience POV Video

Client: Akron-Canton Airport / Industry: Corporate / Completed: July 2022 / Location: Akron, OH

Objectives/Requirements Discovery/Concepting Coordination/Planning Shoots Video Creation Results



  • Show how quick and easy it is to get from entrance to gate inside Akron-Canton Airport using an immersive POV video experience.


  • Highlight the newly-renovated gate area and unique CAK amenities
  • 16x9 and 9x16 versions of the 15-30s deliverables


During this phase, our team met with the client to understand their requirements and objectives for the project. We presented a few different concepts, but the client ultimately selected the POV, or point-of-view, video concept due to its uniqueness and budget-friendy nature. The client provided a rough draft of the video outline which showed the different parts of the CAK experience that they wanted to highlight.


Coordination between our team and the client was crucial. Our team used time on a location scout to identify and review the key areas that were to be shown in the video. Since the camera rig used for this shoot was non-traditional, this scout helped in strategizing the shots and determining the best set up and angles for each scene. We also worked with the client to make sure we were capturing all the unique amenities that set CAK apart from other airports.


The shoot phase involved capturing the footage all for the POV video. Our team used a custom-built POV helmet camera with an Sony A7 camera attached, allowing them to achieve the desired first person perspective. To ensure the look was accurate and showed all the important aspects, they used a remote preview monitor so both the client and the shoot’s director could get a real-time look at what was being captured. 

In preparation for shots, we knew we needed post-production additions. The team used a digital green screen on the phone shown in the video with tracking points so visuals could easily be added later. 

Shooting inside a working airport always presents a challenge, especially when dealing with TSA and security protocols. However, with help from the CAK team, we were able to navigate these aspects, without disruptions to passengers or airport staff. Even our furry canine talent was easy to work with and enhanced everyone’s overall experience on set.

Video Creation

In the video creation phase, we brought all the footage back to the office and got to work, piecing together the CAK experience. We used After Effects to digitally track and key in the phone screens and added digital content to shots, as needed. This post-production technique enhanced the visual experience and maintained consistency across different aspect ratios. We had carefully planned while framing each shot to accommodate both a 16x9 and 9x16 version of the video, making for an overall smooth and successful post-production process.


The project showcased CAK's new gate area through a unique and immersive POV video, capturing the attention of viewers and emphasizing the airport's efficiency and unique amenities. Our team was able to successfully execute the shoot and deliver a high-quality video that met and exceeded the client's objectives. The positive feedback received from the client and high view counts on social media platforms show the success of the project and the effectiveness of the POV approach in creating engaging content.

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