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My Creative Inspiration: Brianna Blog Image
My Creative Inspiration: Brianna

I have been a "creative professional" for just about a decade now. And everyday for those last 10 years, I have been constantly inspired by people far more creative than I will ever be.…

Company Culture

PEG Update January 2018 Blog Image
PEG Update January 2018

Our first PEG Update of 2018! And boy, has it been busy around here. Check out everything we were up to in the month of January.…


PEG Update December 2017 Blog Image
PEG Update December 2017

It is our last PEG update for 2017! What a year it was. Check out everything the team was up to in December.…


PEG Reel Talk: The Last Jedi Blog Image
PEG Reel Talk: The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is out and there is A LOT to talk about. Our friends from AKHIA joined us to kick off our newest video series PEG Reel Talk to discuss what they liked, what they didn't and…

Company Culture / News

Authentic Emotion Vs Fake Emotion In Videos Blog Image
Authentic Emotion Vs Fake Emotion In Videos

Emotions play an important role in cultivating the bond between the brand of a company and the consumer. Emotions facilitate the messages they want the consumer to feel in order to increase awareness…