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My Creative Inspiration: Ryan

Inspiration can come from a lot of places. For me, it comes from everything around me. The media I consume, the people I’m around and the things I see. One thing that I try to do when consuming different types of media, is not to pigeon-hole what I’m seeing into the context of how it’s being presented.

For example, as someone who watches a lot of sports in my free time, a commercial for college football on ESPN might also be a unique way to present a product launch for a corporate video. A new graphics package used for sports could also be a really cool way to animate a piece that is for an entirely different industry. Looking at the mechanics of why something works is a lot more interesting to me than just saying “Oh, that’s pretty!” and judging it only by the context it was created.

Another place that I gain a lot of creative inspiration is from the people around me. We are very lucky at PEG to have a team of people who are passionate about creating cool, new things and always staying on the cutting edge. We have a video inspiration channel on Slack where everyone is constantly sharing neat things they’ve seen, information on how those pieces were created, etc. (Sidenote: We’re working on better ways to share some of those pieces that inspire us with you. More details on that coming soon!)

We also are fortunate to work with some clients who are always coming up with and creating cool, new ideas as well. Watching what they do and the pieces they create both with us, and independent of us, is great.

Good ideas are everywhere. When seeking out things to inspire you, sometimes the best way isn’t to seek it out at all. Sure, there are some great Twitter accounts you can follow, blogs you can read and tutorials you can watch, but keeping an open mind and looking at everything you see, from product labels to billboards to other pieces of digital content, is the best way that I’ve found to keep generating new ideas in an ever-evolving design world. Sometimes the simplest ideas and snowball into concepts and creations so much larger.


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