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My Creative Inspiration: Brianna

I have been a "creative professional" for just about a decade now. And everyday for those last 10 years, I have been constantly inspired by people far more creative than I will ever be. I have been inspired by friends, by coworkers, by websites, by random junk mail... you name it. But there are a few places I tend to frequent when I need that little extra boost of creative inspiration.  


I love advertising. And Adweek is my go-to place for all those "Dangit, why didn't I have that idea!" moments. It is full of great campaigns, done by great agencies, for great brands. A one-stop-shop for all the best of the best creative ideas. I get lost on here for hours crying at perfectly done PSAs or marveling at a thought-provoking print ad. The whole time just wishing it was my idea first. I also like that Adweek has insights on trends and tech and other things that can be hard to keep up with day to day. Sometimes the tech behind the idea that is even more inspiring than the idea itself. I guess these fall info the category of "Holy Crap! I didn't even know you could do that!" moments.


These two sites are my favorite places to go look at things I simply cannot do. There is a big difference between what design and art. I am good at design, yes, but not good at things like drawing or hand lettering. And I LOVE those things. I come here to swoon over people's talent and creativity. It's all so beautiful. It makes me crazy jealous - and crazy inspired to try something new.



Yeah, yeah, I know. Cliche. But Pinterest is my favorite place to go when I have half an idea. I can type in things like "color palettes that work with navy blue" or "cute holiday party invites" and it always comes back with something I can use as a jumping off point. Sometimes you just need that little bit of a push to get moving in the right creative direction. (And yes, of course, this half an idea solution also comes in handy with recipes and hairstyle tips, too)


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