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The 2018 Emmys: A Look Back

It is crazy to think that it has already been over a month since the 2018 NATASLGL Emmy Ceremony in Indianapolis. This year has been filled with excitement and quite a few firsts for us as a company,…


2018 IDEA Conference Recap

Last week, we were fortunate to attend our first IDEA Conference in Indianapolis, which was an incredible experience. IDEA (short for Information Display and Entertainment Association) is a yearly…

Industry Philosophy / Sports

How It's Made: Trick Golf Shot

PEG Creative Director, Jeffrey Pritt, walks through how our team used After Effects to create a trick golf shot for a Veroot Brand Video.…


PEG Update June 2018

Believe it or not, we are already halfway through 2018! Let’s see what our team was up to in the month of June.…


Gear Up with PEG: Drone

On this edition of Gear Up with PEG, Ryan sits down with PEG's resident "Maverick," Andrew Nalette, to talk all about why we love our drone and the in and outs of what it took to become a licensed…


PEG Reel Talk: RED Scarlet-W Review

After one full year of ownership, our team is sitting down to talk (in detail) about the biggest pros and cons of our RED Scarlet-W.…