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When is it Ideal to Shoot Outdoors?


Outdoor shoots can be very pretty, but they can also be pretty tricky. James gives his top tips for getting those ideal outdoor shots.


Video Transcript

Hey everybody. James here from Pritt Entertainment Group and I’m here to answer another question as a part of our Lights. Camera. Answers. segment.

So, a question that we get quite a bit is "What are the best conditions to shoot outside?”

So, we get outdoor shoots quite a bit here. You want to consider a lot of different factors. One of those factors being sunlight. Whenever you’re outside if you’re shooting in the middle of the day the sun’s gonna be right over top of you casting, normally if it’s a sunny day, casting really harsh shadows, so, you want to keep an eye on where the sun’s at and that will define where your shadows are going to be at. Also, if it’s gonna be an overcast day then that’s gonna mean that your shadows are gonna be more diffused and less contrasting so that’s normally an ideal condition to shoot in, because it gives you more control.

Another thing to consider going along with that is what’s the weather gonna be like that day that day. Is it gonna be sunny or is it gonna be overcast? Or possibly rain or snow? In Ohio, you get a very big variety of weather so one thing – leading up to the shoot you want to keep an eye on what the forecast is gonna be and if it’s looking like that shoot day might have some bad weather with it then just keep that in mind and maybe reschedule.

Another thing to consider whenever you’re shooting outdoors is the sound. A lot of places outside have a lot of background noise like next to a highway or a construction zone or in a city or something like that. So if you want your scene to be quiet then you want to look for a secluded area that doesn’t have those distracting noises.

Those are just some some factors that we consider whenever we’re planning out a shoot, but to catch more videos like this where we answer other questions check out our Facebook, Instagram and YouTube channel and I’ll hope to see you there.

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