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2023 Akron State of the City

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Video Transcript

What defines a city? What makes Akron, Akron?

Is it the blimp flying high in the clouds? The sound of rubber meeting the road. Some cities are defined by their home team. Or what they make. But industries come and go. Priorities change. New leaders are elected.

What truly defines this city are the people who call it home. Akronites wake up ready to meet the challenge of a new day. They take us where we need to go. They care for us when we're sick and they feed us when we're hungry.

They're not afraid to challenge the status quo, to aspire to something greater than themselves or to bounce back from adversity. Akronites help each other.

We work together, and we stick up for the little guy. We are gritty, tenacious, innovative and passionate. We are risk takers and lifelong learners. It's in our DNA. Always has been.

We are the rubber capital of the world and we decide what to do next. Akron isn't Akron without you.