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PEG Update - Winter 2021

We moved from 2020 into 2021 with no signs of slowing down! Check out what our team has been up to in this Winter edition of PEG Update.…


Predicting 2021 Video Trends

New year, new video trends? Well, kind of. With lots of things still in limbo as we we entered 2021, we are going to see a mix of new ideas and old staples coming together to create this year's video…

Industry Philosophy

My Editing Playlist: Emily

In rare moments when I am not interacting with our clients or internal team, I will look to music and podcasts to help inspire and motivate me throughout the day.…

Company Culture

Mixing Genres: Why It Works

Action comedy, dark fantasy and spaghetti western. Besides being possible descriptions for 2020 - these terms are all subgenres of the larger, more traditional genres before them. The birth of a…

Industry Philosophy

Showing Off Your Space with 360 Media

It seems like an important time to remind everyone that 360 media exists (and is more accessible than ever!) Even though you can’t safely have large groups of people visit you, 360 photo and video…

Industry Philosophy

PEG Reveals 2.0: Why I Got Into Video

Being creative means there isn't always a right way or wrong way of doings things. Over the years, everyone forms their own ways of working, their own tricks-of-the-trade and finds their own favorite…

Industry Philosophy