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My Editing Playlist: Rachel

On those rare occasions where shouts and laughs aren’t echoing throughout the bullpen, music not only fills the silence, but also serves as inspiration while creating my next video project.

Music Videos

I’ll admit, I love a good music video. Listening to music is one thing, but watching it come to life through someone else’s own artistic vision is a completely different experience. There are certain songs I’ll hear and immediately start to imagine what the accompanying visuals may be.

I suppose that’s why having a solid playlist can be so helpful to video creators, or artists in general. It allows for another dimension of creativity, a different way of looking at one project and transforming it into something new entirely. 

"Early 2000's Teen Drama"

Whenever I describe my music taste to someone new, the phrase “early 2000's teen drama intro sequence” always seems to be the most fitting. I have a soft spot for those funky, upbeat songs that play as the protagonist travels 13 miles on a faulty skateboard to make it to first period on time. What can I say, I’m a lover of the classics. 

Other Listens

I find myself listening to artists like Taylor Swift, Cage the Elephant, Mac Saturn, The Palms, Dayglow, OneRepublic, and Saint Motel a majority of the time while editing. You can never go wrong with these gems. They’re such comforting artists to me, and I can always count on their music to keep me entertained while sorting b-roll footage, editing scripts or rendering an animation.

For one reason or another, M83, Lana Del Rey, Bon Iver, Lizzy McAlpine, Florence and the Machine, Halsey, Imagine Dragons, and Jimmy Eat World are the most perfect artists to play when I’m in a creative rut. Something about their collective sound inspires me in such a unique way.  

The Man Himself...

And of course I can’t talk about my favorite musical artists without mentioning the man himself, Harry Styles. He has composed such a wide range of songs throughout his solo career that never cease to impress me. Regardless of my mood, the time of day, or the video project I’m currently working on, there’s always a track for every situation.

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