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Choosing the Right Music for Your Video Blog Image
Choosing the Right Music for Your Video

One of the biggest factors, however, is the music. Music can be an amazing tool, conveying a range of emotions and setting the overall tone of a video project.…

PEG Update -  Winter 2023 Blog Image
PEG Update - Winter 2023

Welcome to 2023! Out team ended the year as busy as ever - with projects from coast to coast. Take a look at some of the highlights.…


My Editing Playlist: D.J. Blog Image
My Editing Playlist: D.J.

What’s playing in those AirPods can vary from day to day and minute by minute! Let’s see if I can’t give you a little glimpse into what makes my brain function best on the daily!…

Company Culture

My Editing Playlist: Rachel Blog Image
My Editing Playlist: Rachel

On those rare occasions where shouts and laughs aren’t echoing throughout the bullpen, music not only fills the silence, but also serves as inspiration while creating my next video project.…

Company Culture