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A Decade Downtown! Blog Image
A Decade Downtown!

PEG moved to downtown Akron in the summer of 2013. THAT'S TEN YEARS AGO! We thought that was worth a little celebrating. Being located in downtown Akron is huge part of who we are as a company. The…

Behind the Lens - Ryan Pritt Blog Image
Behind the Lens - Ryan Pritt

We are getting to know our team by having them give a little context to some of their favorite photos. First up is President and Co-Founder – Ryan Pritt – for his look Behind the Lens! …

2023 IDEA Conference Recap Blog Image
2023 IDEA Conference Recap

And that is EXACTLY what IDEA Annual Conference is all about. It’s a chance for the most creative people in sports entertainment to all gather in one place and see what happens!…

PEG Update - Summer 2023 Blog Image
PEG Update - Summer 2023

Videos, animations, live events and more. We've had a little bit of everything going on over the last few months. Let's take a look!…


PEG Agency Video Blog Image
PEG Agency Video

We're Pritt Entertainment Group and we make videos. …

Teamwork and Collaboration On Video Projects Blog Image
Teamwork and Collaboration On Video Projects

Teamwork and collaboration are closely tied into the overall culture of producing great creative work. It’s something that we pride ourselves on at PEG. We’ll create amazing things and we'll do it together.…

2023 NACDA Convention Recap Blog Image
2023 NACDA Convention Recap

PEG had the opportunity to exhibit at the 2023 NACDA Convention partner expo, where we were able to showcase our work to 6,000+ attendees from schools from across the country. …

Company Culture / News

PEG Wins First National ADDY Award Blog Image
PEG Wins First National ADDY Award

Pritt Entertainment Group (PEG) took home its first ever national ADDY Award at the American Advertising Federation's (AAF) Annual American Advertising Awards on Friday, June 2nd for the Seattle Kraken's 2022 Open. …


What is Room Tone? Blog Image
What is Room Tone?

Why do they call for 30 seconds of room tone on set? What is it used for? Our team is here to tell you all about room tone!…

Industry Philosophy

Gear Up: DJI RS 2 Blog Image
Gear Up: DJI RS 2

Take a quick look at why we love our small, but mighty DJI RS 2.…