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Behind the Lens - Josh Kuss

We are taking a look Behind the Lens with our Production Manager, Josh Kuss, to learn the backstory of some of his favorite photos.


Video Transcript:

Hello I'm Josh Kuss and welcome to my Behind the Lens.

So, this is a really cool photo actually of me and my co-pilot, David Stevenson, flying the drone for the Cleveland Guardians. So we did a ton of drone footage for their new name unveil, which was a video they did with, uh, Tom Hanks as the narrator. Which was really cool 'cause we got to say we worked on a piece with Tom Hanks. So that's that's awesome. But this was like seven days out in Cleveland. Some sunrises, some sunsets. So, it was a really, really cool experience.

This is uh this is one of my all-time favorite photos of me. Not because it's the best photo ever, but because it represents kind of two really cool things in my life. This was my first time in New York. And we were in New York because we flew out to film a celebrity for a series of videos we did for the University of Akron. Her name was Yvette Nicole Brown and she was in one of my favorite shows of all time Drake and Josh, as well as a show called Community. So, she's really really cool and when we got back she posted this specific photo to her Instagram and like just gave me some love for for no real reason and it it was really, really cool. And I loved it. 

This is a photo of me and my fiance and our lovely daughter, Lyla, on the beach in North Carolina. So, it's three things that I absolutely love. Obviously our daughter, Lyla. She's eight months old and she's an absolute angel. Uh, the beach means a lot to me, specifically Oak Island. It's something that we've done uh for three years straight now and it's coming to be a staple of my year and something I look forward to. And then my lovely fiance, Tessa, who I met playing volleyball. And we still play volleyball to this day and I just love her to death.

This is a cool one so this is actually uh kind of back to my live sports production days. We do a lot more like corporate live production now, but I started uh producing games for a hockey team out in Youngstown and this was one of those games where we got a perfect game. So I don't know if you could see in the photo but it just says perfect game on a piece of paper. It's actually one of our games scripts. And that just means that for every whistle or every stoppage during this game we did something in terms of fan engagement or something fun. It wasn't just cutting around to cams or playing music. It was a flex cam or it was something super fun every time. So we called those a perfect game, and every time we got one we commemorated it with a photo like this.

This is actually an awesome one for me because, uh, I pride myself on being able to load the van extremely efficiently. And I just loaded the truck for that North Carolina trip we saw a few pictures ago. It's something that I absolutely love doing. I'm extremely good at Tetris, as well, so I think that all carries over. And this was actually out in Vegas for the Vegas Golden Knights one of their inaugural intros that we shot for them. And this was just a large rental van that we had that I was able to fit all of this production equipment into. If you can see in the photo, it's truly packed. There's like barely an inch of space available for anything else. So that was something I was super proud of.

And this is actually a photo from the exact same shoot I was a stand-in for our Golden Knight who was going to be waking up from a hallucination in the desert somewhere, right? So I was a stand in here, but someone snapped this photo and it instantly became an office meme. So I'm so glad it made the cut.

And then this is another photo of some extremely important people to me. So, uh, the two standing with me are my two younger brothers. This is Mitch and this is Alex. At the time he had a better beard than me, but it doesn't hold up across you know the average of our lives. Mine's always better. And then on the ground here is actually Olivia. So, Olivia is my fiance, Tessa's, little sister And we've been, she's been raising her since she was eight and now I'm kind of a part of that journey as well and it's been a really, really cool thing for me to get to experience. I love these three to death. Everything I do in life I'm I'm thinking of them and and just hoping that they're doing well.

Right. So, this has been a look Behind the Lens and I hope you enjoyed it. 

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