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Behind the Lens - Emily Richmond

Go Behind the Lens with Account Manager, Emily Richmond, and learn the background of her favorite PEG and personal photos.


Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Emily Richmond and this is my Look Behind the Lens.

This is my family. We have my sister, Erin, my mom, Marge, my Dad, Steve, my husband, Cory, and then our six-month-old baby, Logan. They're a huge part of my life. They are involved in everything that we do. Just wanted to put them up at the front as the most important people in my life.

This is me about 3 or 4 years old. I was born in Kokomo, Indiana. Moved to Kent, Ohio when I was about three. Its always is fun to say that I lived in a different state or born in a different state and now have lived in Ohio ever since.

This is a really fun one this is one of my favorite projects that we worked on at PEG so far. We got to work with the Guardians on their Rebrand Video and we got to film a lot of really awesome footage for them. And what was really fun is that Ryan got all of us involved in the project our first Guardians apparel. So, that was really fun.

This is my son, Logan Lewis Richmond. He was born in December of 2022 and he is the highlight of our lives right now. We are so excited to have him and just learn about him and teach him everything that we know. So, it's been a blast so far to be in his life and him and ours.

Another Guardians photo. This one is actually at Dollar Dog Night. So we weren't actually working during this day, but I always love having a blast when it's going to Guardians games. Just sporting events in general with friends and family. And obviously we couldn't miss out on the dollar dogs.

And then lastly, a more current photo of Logan. And we've been loving taking him out places and showing him off and introducing him to friends and family. So, this was at one of the recent birthday parties. So it was fun being able to share him with friends and family.

Thanks again for joining me for my Look Behind the Lens. See you later.

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