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Behind the Lens - David Stephenson

Pizza, precarious places and the PCH. David is giving us insight into some of his favorite personal and professional moments.


Video Transcript:

Hey, guys. My name is David Stevenson and this is my Behind the Lens.

So this is a photo of me and Josh flying our drone in Cleveland. Before Marty came along, Josh and I were the only Pilots at PEG, the licensed pilots. And so we would go on, quite literally, every shoot together if it was a drone shoot and we got to spend a lot of time together. And this photo specifically, we were doing a shoot for the Guardians, and this was the day that I learned that seagulls that live under a bridge can get very territorial.

This is a photo from definitely top five shoots that we've been on. This was for a commercial project we were shooting ice cream, and I got to do the lighting on this which was really fun. And I just love doing commercial lighting. It's a blast.

So this is a photo of me with the second love of my life - Pizza. I'm a pizza aficionado or if there's anything above an aficionado. Like, I wouldn't call myself an expert, but I absolutely love pizza and this is me eating probably the like 10 millionth slice of pizza in my life.

This is the first love of my life. This is my fiance, Kailey. This was also the first day that we moved in together. We bought a house together, it's here in Akron. We love being in Akron. And a good friend of mine took this photo and it was like really hard to justify why he was there was like "oh, no, he wants to be there to like take photos of us going into the house for the first time" and like "oh, it's a momentous occasion the future kids will love the photos," but uh I think she was pretty clued into what was happening. But nonetheless it was a a good surprise and it was so far one of the happiest days of my life.

This is a part of a series that I like to call David Holding Expensive Cameras in Precarious Places. This was for a shoot at Summit Lake and what what more is there to say? I'm on a log, holding an expensive camera, in a precarious place.

Here I am in Utah. This is a trail called Thunder Mountain. We had to rent bikes and when we got there the uh the old lady that was renting us the bike - We were like "oh yeah, we're going to go to Thunder Mountain" and this lady was like "What? Thunder Mountain? You know that's a black diamond." And we kind of looked at each other and we're like "What?" because we had never been on a black diamond before. And I was pretty proud of ourselves. We thought it would be fine and we went and did the thing. And it was amazing. It was like the most scenic trail I've ever been on. It makes me want to go all around the country and mountain bike even more. Maybe live out of a van, you know. But yeah, I love mountain biking. I love cycling in general and this is probably like one of the coolest places I've ever been able to do it.

So this is also like probably top five shoots uh that I've ever been on. So this was in a candy factory and you'll see like in this photo - here we have our dana dolly and I have a camera rigged up over candy here. Which I'm super glad that they let us do, because like the shot was incredible. You just have this camera over it and the candy just going past the lens and it just it probably one of the best shots of the shoot in my opinion.

And this is to me the best photo I have ever taken. This was on a vacation in, I think, 2021. We went to California and I got a really fun car and just drove it up the PCH. And we pulled off at a vista and this was just there and I got what I think is probably the best photo that I've ever taken my life.

So those are all my photos. It was really fun sharing it, sharing both my personal and professional life. So thank you for being here with me and thank you for watching.

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