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Behind the Lens - James Miller

Helmet cams, desert shoots and alumni encounters. James is taking us through some of his favorite personal and professional photos!


Video Transcript:

Okay. So, this is James Miller and this is my Behind the Lens and marker.

So we'll take a look at the first photo here. This was actually out in the Coachella Valley whenever we went and filmed on location for their new hockey team. We were starting from the ground up, so coming up with a narrative and everything that you'd normally do in pre-production to form the narrative. And then this was when we were actually out on on location filming. We hit up a lot of cool spots like a cave and a lot of places in the desert that we hiked to with all of our gear. Definitely one of my favorite shoots to have been on.

This next photo, this was taken after we just finished filming a University of Akron video with University of Akron Alum, Yvette Nicole Brown. I'm a big fan of Yvette Nicole Brown and I'm also an Alum from the University of Akron, so this was really cool experience. We went to to New York City in the morning and then ended up coming back that same day with all of our footage. It was a big adventure for Josh and I. And Willie Kollman from the University of Akron also joined us. So definitely one of my favorite memories for an on location shoot.

This photo was taken a couple weeks ago. Just kidding. It's a baby photo that is probably the best portrait that I've ever had taken of me. You can see that I've been a lifelong fan of the Akron RubberDucks all my life. And I've also had some really great style that I still have today.

This photo is from a shoot for the Cleveland Browns that we did during the pandemic. It was SJ, the dog here, his intro video for whenever he came out on the field that was really cool. A lot of times towards the end of shoots, actors sort of need some extra motivation. So that's probably what I was providing here to SJ.

As you can see here, this is at Progressive Field. This is when they were the Indians. This was one of my first b-roll shoots at Progressive Field. So it was really cool getting different b-roll shots of fans and stuff like that. As a lifelong fan it was a dream come true.

This photo is actually behind the scenes from a music festival. We were filming an interview with a band that was about to go on. So instead of using this mount on the shoulder, I was like well maybe I could try it with my head. And it actually worked and I'd actually recommend it. Just make sure you have some Advil, just in case afterwards.

This photo is from a shoot for the University of Akron Alumni Association. It was a lot of fun. It was a sort of baking video with a comedic twist where Zippy just couldn't bake a cake quite right. Yeah. It was a lot of fun a lot of creativity and as an Alum it's always fun to work with the University of Akron.

This photo is actually from last summer. As you can see here I've got the POV helmet rig. It's a helmet with a camera on front to capture my arms and everything else going on. That shoot was super fun, because it's so unique to use a rig like that, And, yeah, don't worry this is completely road safe.

Hopefully that was as fun for you as it was for me. And thanks for taking a look Behind the Lens.

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