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Why Do I Need a Location Scout?


On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., Josh explains why pre-shoot planning days like location scouts are super important for our team and ensure that we are 100% prepped and ready when we arrive on shoot day.


Video Transcript

Hey everyone. We're back with another one of our Lights. Camera. Answers. segments, where we like to answer all of our most asked questions about our production process. My name is Josh Kuss. I'm the Production Manager at PEG and you might notice we're not filming this in the gear closet today. This is actually my house. We're all practicing social distancing, so you might see some more content like this in the in the weeks to come, but it's no big deal. We're trying to keep giving you guys the quality content that you love.

So, the question we're focusing on today is "Why do I need a location scout?" and there's two main reasons. So, one, it gives us the peace of mind knowing exactly where we're going to be filming in your facility. Knowing what issues may arise in your facility, just getting a first glance at your space, because if we were planning on filming an interview, which is very common, we would want to know if there was any outdoor lighting issues, would be a huge window in the room or anything like that. HVAC issues. If, you know, if your HVAC controlled off-site, we would want to know that. See if we could bring sound dampening blankets in to try and help with that noise. And then interior lighting is also something that we always look at. So us know, being able to come see that and set up and prepare for those interviews is extremely important.

And then for your sake us doing that really speeds up the video shoot itself, because we don't spend the time before the shoot doing that exact same thing, because we'll have to either way. We have to do that same assessment regardless of whether or not we do it on the scout day or the shoot day. So we would end up using some of our setup time trying to basically choose the location for the interview and then assessing the issues and we might not then, just being there on-site, we may not have known there was HVAC issues and may not have brought sound dampening. So, it's very important for us to have that first day that first couple hour look at your facility so that we can prepare both gear wise and time wise.

If you're not doing an interview shoot and it's really just b-roll it's still good for us to get a look at the facility, because we bring our camera and we can get shots of things that we expect that we might want b-roll of. Things like that so just having a plan in place is always extremely important. It helps us be very efficient during our shoot. So, it's really, just, it's great for us, it's great for you, efficiency wise, so we always request it. It really just gives us the peace of mind of knowing exactly where everything is gonna get set up and if there was going to be any issues that arise.

I think that's all I've got for it. If you have any other questions regarding location scouts obviously send them to us on any of our social accounts. We have a Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Feel free to check us out there if you like the content, obviously drop by see if you find anything else you like. Check out our website Pritt Entertainment Group dot comm and, yeah, I'll see you guys next time.

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