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What Info Do We Need To Quote A Project?


Need a quote for your project? No problem! Jeffrey is taking us through a few of the details we need from you to get started in our first at home episode of Lights. Camera. Answers.


Video Transcript

Just because we're working from home during a shelter-in-place doesn't mean that we are not still going to bring you answers to some of the most common questions we here at PEG. One of the questions we get all the time is "what information do we need in order to accurately quote your project?"

And I break that into two categories pre-post/animation style video and also live events.

Let's start with pre-post and animation. Well, the first things we're going to need to know is what parts of pre-production are we handling or you handling. So, for instance is there a script in place or are you looking for us to create the script and even concept. Is there a storyboard that you already have developed and we're just executing it or are we also creating the storyboard as well. After that, we're going to need to factor in if there are any shoot costs. For an animation project there might not be, but for most projects there might be one to three cameras, differences in lighting setups, you might need a preview monitor. And then, of course, we'll scale the crew up and down as needed for the individual need. Then we have the editing and animation costs. We'll discover all of that on the discovery phone call with you as well as how many deliverables you're going to need. so you might be doing, for instance, four subjects with each of them having a :60, :30 and a :15 second deliverable 12 total deliverables. Right. That's very different than if we were just doing a single :30 second deliverable, for example. And ultimately that will help drive the cost and, ultimately, we'll take all the information compile it into a single quote that then you would get.

Now, let's talk about live events a little bit. Right, so, live events tends to be a little bit more equipment and also personnel focused. So, one of the first questions we often ask is how many cameras do you need? We have live events that go 2, 4, 6, 8 cameras. Sometimes it's just a single camera doing an IMAG. Sometimes it's no cameras at all because you might just want us to provide audio or lighting support. Speaking of audio and lighting that scales up and down. Sometimes, we go into a facility that has six microphones built in and all of the stage lighting you need and we're just providing cameras and switching capabilities. Other times we're bringing in the full lighting grid with up lights and we're providing all of the microphones speakers, etc. That will obviously vary by project and we'll handle essentially all of that during the needs discovery phone call as well. Same thing with more minor things, are we going to need a switcher, are you making the presentation or are we, who's controlling the presentation when somebody is on stage? Other components oftentimes come into play for live events are the number of days. So, for instance, a four-day event where we're having like a corporate meeting over four days that obviously takes considerable more time and investment than something like a single day event. Beyond that we also have deliverables. Sometimes for live events, oftentimes a corporate client will want us to make a recap video for example. That we can obviously do and provide as well but sometimes that's not necessary.

Just like pre-post and animation style videos we'll discover all of those needs on the initial discovery phone call or during our initial meeting with you. Moral of the story, we'll discover your needs, we'll compile a quote sometimes, several different options, that you can select from and then ultimately you'll have all the information you need to make the decision that works best for you.



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