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Can You Fix It In Post?


Yes, of course, we can fix a lot of things in post, but as James explains, you don't want that to be the go-to plan for your production.


Video Transcript

Hey everybody, James from Pritt Entertainment Group here. and I'm here with another edition of Lights. Camera. Answers. So, today's question is "Can you fix it in post?" As you can see, I'm in front of my at-home editing workstation right now. A lot of people are working remotely and a lot of people are working from home and so it's a pretty relevant question. Right? Can you fix something from an earlier shoot day later on in the editing post-production phase. The quick answer to that is no.

Just kidding. Of course you can fix a multitude of issues with various effects, what not. Color, for example. If I wanted to I could grab this dark green in my shirt and change it to a different color. If I wanted a different level of saturation a different level of light versus dark. With audio, say you recorded it in a space that had a fan running or there was a hum running, and you just had to record in that space you couldn't really control that. Later on, in post you can add a noise remover or noise reducing effect that will hopefully make your audio sound a lot more like what you want it to sound like. In terms of compositing, there are techniques. I've got this very nice PEG hat right here. Say this was a Nike hat or it had a Nike swoosh on it. You don't want to have that in your video or commercial. And so you can actually track the logo exactly where it goes and then cover it up in post. Where this is stitched on, I can't remove this right now, while if we're ready to shoot.

So, those are just a couple issues that can be resolved later on in post. There's so many more things that you can do, but in general you want to make it so that in post your job is as easy as possible in that during pre-production you want to plan out potential problems. On the actual production day, on the shoot day you don't want to just let problems go and say I will solve it in post later, because what can happen is whenever you're editing it later or whoever is editing it later minutes spent on a lot of small changes can turn into hours really quickly. So, you want to avoid that at all cost but in terms of the question "can you fix it in post?" as you can see the answer is clearly yes. But make sure you follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all the social medias and tune in to the next episode of Lights. Camera. Answers.

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