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Where Should I Have My Interview?


Josh has been on A LOT of interview shoots. On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., he gives his top three things to consider when selecting the interview location for your shoot.


Video Transcript

How's it going guys Josh Kuss with Pritt Entertainment Group and another Lights. Camera. Answers. segment for you.

Our question today was "What's an ideal location to have my interview"?" Having been on hundreds of interview shoots with for Pritt Entertainment Group now, I would say that three things that people will kind of overlook the most are: HVAC, like room noise in terms of like heat or air conditioning. That's kind of why we chose the location we did for this filming. We're in our basement, where I know I can turn off the furnace whenever I'd like with the little flip switch. Done. Now, a lot of corporate places don't necessarily have that so it's something you should definitely consider.

Second thing is windows. Like window light and natural light coming, in while it can be good sometimes, if it's extremely harsh and you have a lot of sunlight hitting your target, it's gonna be really hard for us to expose properly in camera. And to also light the subject correctly on-site. So, that's again why we chose this room no lights.

And then the third thing is room lighting itself. So, technically I could turn these lights off above my head and set up our four-point lighting and have myself look exactly how I want. So, you just want to make sure that when you're choosing a room go in and just flip the lights off, make sure it gets completely dark in there. There are a lot of rooms that people don't realize have safety lights in them so if you turn off the lights a couple will stay on and that can cause a little bit of issues in terms of us trying to completely light the subject our way and not have any interference.

Hopefully those three get you to the point where you able to choose a nice spot for your interview. If you guys want to see more videos like this, check out our YouTube, our Facebook and our Instagram accounts. There's always links to our stuff up on there. And hopefully I'll see you next time.


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