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What I've Learned So Far... Marty Roth

Since joining Pritt Entertainment Group, I’ve learned far more than I ever could’ve hoped for. I was very nervous when starting my first shoot, because I knew I was stepping in to an already well-oiled machine and I needed to find where I could fit in - while soaking in as much production knowledge as possible.

But what really took me by surprise, was how much I’ve learned OUTSIDE of digital media creation since starting here. 

Learning Akron

When I first drove to the office on South Main Street, I immediately got lost in Akron. I had never driven downtown before and almost had a panic attack. Now that I’ve settled in, I can confidently say I can drive to work without getting lost! I’ve also learned about and experienced a variety of amazing food and drink options all over Akron. Whether it’s getting a grilled cheese at Lockview, or a burger at Lock 15, you’ll always leave full and satisfied. One of my favorite dishes is the Chicken Pad Thai from Cilantro. I’m slowly trying to get my self used to the Thai spice level, but for now I’ll have to settle with level 5.

Professional Development

The talent in the production team we have assembled is some of the highest quality I’ve seen, so the knowledge was bound to rub off on me. In terms of engineering, I’ve taken leaps and bounds. I went from having a basic college studio knowledge to being able to engineer the entire Akron football house show at Infocision Stadium. My After Effects knowledge has to be my most improved skill since joining the team. All of the production team has been amazing at giving advice or tips on how to get through some tough edits which has allowed me to create some pieces that a year ago I never thought I would be able to produce. 

My Greatest Discovery

One day after a shoot, we all gathered in the bullpen to chat before the end of the day. Josh began to talk about the food he was going to cook this weekend and how he bought some different meats to throw on the grill. As an avid meat smoker, I had to know where he gets his protein. This is when I first learned of Duma Meats. This little farm in Mogadore has some of the best looking and tasting meat I’ve ever had. You can get their meat fresh or frozen, but the frozen meats taste just as fresh because they don’t use any preservatives. It’s now the only place I’ll buy any meat from, even though it’s 50 minutes away from my house. 

These months here at PEG have been invaluable to my growth professionally, but more importantly, I enjoyed every moment of it. All of the coworkers and clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with have all been so kind and considerate and we’ve been able to produce some awesome pieces together. I can’t wait to see what I’m able to learn and create in the future!

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