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My Editing Playlist: Marty

No matter what streaming service you have, there’s new audio media waiting to be discovered. Even in the midst of the toughest of editing challenges, a good playlist or podcast can help set your mind at ease and help the creative juices flow. Here are some of my favorite choices to help you get through the day. 


Listening to a podcast can be one of the best choices you make all day. Many podcasts are extremely informative and can keep you up to date with current events, like Vox’s “Today, Explained” series. Also, there are countless shows where you can just shut your brain off and enjoy the entertainment.

My favorite podcast to listen to on my way to work is “The Always Sunny Podcast,” where the creators of the show talk about the creation of their early work and their daily lives now. Another great podcast that doesn’t require much thought is “The Weekly Planet.” This show dives into movies and television from Marvel to Scorsese while making you laugh out loud the entire time. 


With the plethora of streamable music available, I’m always able to find the perfect playlist to inspire me both at work and at home. I don’t drink any coffee, so if I need to wake myself up I crank some metal bands like Metallica or Black Sabbath on the way to work.

One of my favorite genres to listen to while editing any media is classic rock. If I’m editing a smooth, flowing piece, I’ll listen to The Allman Brothers or The Eagles. If it’s a fast-paced piece with quick cutting, I’ll listen to 80’s hair bands like Motley Cure, Def Leppard, or Guns N Roses. 

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