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My Creative Inspiration: Marty

In today’s world, inspiration is pretty much around every corner. The number of creative outlets we now have is astonishing and more continue to spring up all the time. Every day, life offers a new possible spark of genius just waiting to be taken advantage of.

For those times, though, when inspiration can be hard to find, I use the work of other creators to help guide me in my own creative process. This doesn’t necessarily mean recreate their work, but it's helpful to look at multiple pieces and use their strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.

For example, whenever I think of sound design, I always look to how the industry legends at Skywalk Ranch created their work. Their pioneering of sound effect creation is still something I reference in just about every project I work on.

But you don’t have to have an award-winning filmmaker to be inspirational.

Whenever I get in a rut while editing, I turn to the talented content creators on YouTube. There is an endless variety of content out there available at the click of a button. You can use their creativity to get inspired and bolster your own video pieces. Creators not only help viewers with inspiration, but can also offer really helpful tutorials on technical advice that can help you in a bind.

My biggest inspiration, however, has to be my coworkers. Anytime I start a project, I look at the past projects they’ve worked on. I ask questions and discuss different ideas with them. Whether it’s the Yellow Hues project or the Kraken Open, each and every project offers a new way to bring our talent to life.

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