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What Do You Mean By "Run and Gun" Video Shoot?


Sometimes, we use a term to describe shoots that people might not know and the one that people ask about most often is "What do you mean by 'run and gun" shoot?" Jeffrey has your answers for this one.

Video Transcript

Hi everyone. Welcome to another segment of Lights. Camera. Answers. I'm Jeffrey Pritt with PEG.

One of the questions we get a lot when we put it on a quote is "what is a run and gun shoot?" What does that mean and how does it relate to my production? Well, a run and gun shoot is a fast-moving team of people, usually two, that can maneuver around an event or a shoot very quickly, and get a large quantity of shots in a short period of time, very efficiently. Usually you would use a camera system like this. Now, what makes a camera system like this so quick to move around, for instance, this is a variable zoom lens. You can get a variety of different shots very quickly. There's a wireless audio setup. You might get a feed from a mixer at an event or, you know, from basically a mixer that rolls around in the field and you have a reference microphone that you can use, not only for, you know, getting sound effects, but also for synchronization purposes. It has a shoulder pad, which allows you to not need a tripod. Makes you even quicker. And you have a faster change battery, which allows you to never miss a bit of action.

Now we're gonna see run and gun shoots happen most often is at things like sporting events or events where you can't ask somebody to redo something, like somebody on stage moving around. That's where you see run and gun really shine.

So when you see it on the quote now, you'll know what it means.

You can check out even more info on gear like this on our website, where you can find series such as Gear Up which talks even more in depth about this camera system, or you can always check us out on our social media channels - YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all the normal places. We'll see you next time on Lights. Camera. Answers.

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