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What's In The Grip Vest?


Josh answers the often asked question: What exactly is in all those pockets of that black vest he's always wearing?

Video Transcript

How's it going, guys? My name is Josh Kuss with Pritt Entertainment Group and I'm here with a new segment today called Lights. Camera. Answer. Now, we know you guys have some random questions about the stuff we do. We post a lot on Instagram and I'm sure you've seen me in this vest at least a hundred times if you follow our Instagram. So, I just wanted to kind of walk you guys through why I wear this vest. What is in all of these pockets and why it's so important.

So, to start, I've always got a white card on me and it's not obvious what this does, but it actually, is just meant to tell the camera what true white is and that helps with color correction in post. So, right now, I'm actually gonna have James white balance so you can see how it works. And now we did that before our shot, so you might not have seen much of a change, but it'll help us color correct this in post.

Moving on, got some utility items. This is actually a doorstop, and yeah, I don't think any of you could have guessed that this was in my vest, but more often than not you'll find us using our very expensive tripods to hold open doors, so we made an executive call, and said let's get ourselves a doorstop and have Josh keep it on at all times. Oh, I always have a razor knife on me. Careful, sharp. Comes in handy on a lot more shoots than you would expect. I'm mean if there's a decal that needs placed, this is almost always what I'm using to cut it up, backdrops we use a lot of blackout paper, white out paper this is what we help to cut it up with. Even more random. I had to cut like 60 or 70 tags off of costumes the other day, so never know what you're gonna use a razor knife for.

Moving on to the other side, I've got this little blower. It is a blower, it's not a bomb. It'll get through TSA just fine. If you listen, it just blows air out so like if I were gonna help James clean his lens, I would just blow it off. Make sure there's no dust particles or anything like that. And I think, in the same vein, my last pocket of things that I'm always gonna have on me is lens cleaner. And a brand-new lens wipe. Nice.

So always gonna have these on me pretty much always gonna need them especially when we run and gun out in the desert or run and gun anywhere, you want to keep your lens clean, not have any artifacting in your shots.

Yeah, I think that's it for everything I definitely always have on me. But I've also gonna have - I'm also going to have batteries, waters for talent, if I need them. Really anything that I have to have on me, but we're not next to home base, so I'm gonna have it strapped to my vest or in one of my big pockets in one way or another.

Well thanks for checking this out. If you guys like this, feel free to check out our YouTube, our Facebook or Instagram. All of that fun stuff, we'll have more of these coming out as well, so I'll see you next time.


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