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What's A Scratch Track?


James is here to answer some very common client questions about scratch tracks and the infamous "Audio Jungle" watermarks.

Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. James here from Pritt Entertainment Group and I'm here with another Lights. Camera. Answers. segment, where we answer popular questions that are asked to us pretty frequently.

So, a question that we get a lot is "what is a scratch VO track or a scratch audio track?" So, a scratch audio track is actually a track that the editor either records themselves or someone else in order to get the timing and pacing of one of the early cuts of the video out. So, this won't be the final VO voice, but it helps them get an idea as to what's this line gonna sound like, how long is each line gonna be and when can I make a cut so that it works out whenever we get the actual final VO artist to record the lines.

Another aspect of video/audio and, yeah, you you just heard it right there that's a digital watermark as a part of the music track. So, music tracks that you access via databases can actually have demos that you can download to see how they combine with a video that you're working with. This is helpful for editors because you don't have to actually purchase the music before putting it in and trying it out just in case you wouldn't want to go with it. This has a watermark on it to prove that the track hasn't been licensed yet. So you want to, whenever you purchase the track, you get a license and then you also get the final track that doesn't have this watermark on it. So the final product won't have this voice, there it is again, coming over top of it.

That's all I have for this segment, but you can check out our other videos on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube and I hope to see you there.


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