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Do You Still Have My Footage?


Weeks? Months? Years? Exactly how long do we keep your footage on our servers? Jeffrey has the answer for you on today's Lights. Camera. Answers.


Video Transcript

Hey everyone. Welcome to another edition of Lights. Camera. Answers. I'm Jeffery Pritt with PEG. A question we get all the time for any number of reasons is "do you still have my footage?" That can be a big question, because PEG has been around for 10 plus years now. And we still have some clients that have been around for that long. So do you we still have your footage that's a decade old? Short answer - yes. Reason being, we maintain the professional video editing storage array with, you know, essentially, without diving into all the nitty-gritty details, it's large enough to maintain all of our footage even from back 10 years ago. So, we very likely have your footage on-hand, but how do we get it to you.

Well, there's a couple different options. If you have footage that's both either very small or perhaps even a single clip something that's under about 20 gigabytes we can pretty commonly just email that to you using something like, oh, WeTransfer, some sort of online transfer tool and you can just download that from your office. Two clicks, no problem. Another option is to use a very typical consumer hard drive like this just like you'd find it the best buy or on Amazon. All we do is either you ship one to us or we purchase one and invoice it back, either way is no problem, and we ship it to your offices and boom you have the footage. Another option, of course, is if you need us at edit a project for you we already have it on hand so there's no transferred needed.

Moral of the story, if you need your footage and even if it's about 10 years old, we very likely can get it to you. For more content like this, feel free to check us out on our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, all the normals. I'll see you next time on another edition of Lights. Camera. Answers.


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