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Knowing Your Purpose

There’s more content out there than ever before. That means its become quite the challenge to make your brand stand out. In a world where you have competition for views (and for dollars), it’s important that your audience knows what sets your brand apart and what your company stands for. What does that mean exactly? It means opening your doors and showing people who you are and why you’re different than everyone else. Often times, companies have a purpose or set of principles that guide their business goals.

Maybe that’s a passion that drives company leaders, a specific cause that inspires everyone on your team, or a commitment to quality or solving a problem that motivates how a company functions or a product was created. And more and more, people want to see that level of authenticity from a brand and that level of commitment to a cause. Not only do purpose-based videos have higher view rates, they also have higher engagement rates - which can ultimately mean more brand recognition and and more viewers turned into potential customers.

Here are a few examples of purpose-based pieces

Always - #LikeAGirl

84 Lumber - The Entire Journey

TOMS - For One, Another 

Colgate - Water

On more than one occasion, when clients come to us to start a video project, they send along an example of a video created by their competitor and ask us “How do we create our own version of this piece?” While it’s understandable to want to stay on-par with what your competition it’s doing, a better question often is “How do we create a piece that sets us apart from this?” Purpose-based pieces, like the ones above, are a great way of doing that.  You can show your audience that you stand for something bigger than just selling them a product or service and let’s your brand’s passion and personality really shine through. If you want to talk about how to stand out and set yourself apart from your competition, send us a message. Our team is happy to help and assist in showcasing what makes your company different.  


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