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Everyone Loves to Learn

Remember the joys of going to school as a child? There was always new and exciting things to learn and everyone had a favorite subject, teacher or class. Some of that child-like wonder certainly can wear off once high school, college and life set in, but inside, everyone still has that desire and passion to learn. As a brand, you can harness that desire. And video allows you to do so better than any other medium.

We’ve likely all seen the rise of explainer videos over the last few years. Here are a few examples from the pages of Tasty and HGTV and even brands like Purina and Chipotle. What these videos do very effectively is teach you how to do something in a short, fun and easy-to-understand way. That favorite teacher you had as a child…now that teacher could be your brand. Especially if the subject matter is something that you’re passionate about, teaching your audience about your product or service should be a fun experience for the creator of the video and the viewer of it.

Whether you’re a lighting company explaining the advantages of new technology and how to incorporate it into your home, a food brand showing how to utilize your product in fun, easy-to-make recipes or a tie-maker who wants to show users the proper way to tie a tie (something that I will openly admit to having searched for on YouTube myself…), when you present yourself as a teacher, people will become more attached to your brand and trust you and your product.

We’re all passionate about what we do for a living and what we create, sell or market. There’s no reason to keep those passions and the knowledge that comes with it behind closed doors. When you share it with your audience, they’ll just become bigger fans and brand ambassadors.

Our team is here to help you share that story and educate your audience. Reach out to us here and we’d be happy to help identify what insight you can share and build that attachment with your audience.

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