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Your Brand As A Media Company

The importance of video in your marketing plan is growing every single year. We don’t need to bore you with the same stats you’ve seen time and time again for you to know that. Brands and companies that used to be content with creating one video each quarter are now being tasked with creating one each month, each week, or maybe even more often to keep up and keep their audiences engaged. Given that, it’s more important than ever for brands to start thinking of themselves the same way a media company does.

With the rise in video’s usage and popularity, it’s no longer just about thinking of your strategy for creating one video, it’s about thinking in advance of your overall video strategy and how each individual piece fits into that comprehensive plan. This contributes to the style and length of each piece, as well as what content you have already created, future content you plan to create, and how those all fit into a year-long timeline of video content.

Taking a Lesson from Sports Teams

One industry that has been very progressive in shifting their strategy to be more like a media company is one that many of us are familiar with and follow online: sports teams. Whether it’s re-purposing in-venue video content to post online, online-only sponsored pieces, brand-building pieces or even utilizing snackable content online in the way of highlights of gifs, sports teams know the importance of constantly keeping their audience engaged and staying near the top of the feeds of their fans and followers.

Quality AND Quantity

Given that quality obviously matters to properly represent your brand in the best possible light, one question that we hear a lot is how to balance creating a steady stream of content, but doing so while also maximizing the quantity of content to get the biggest bang for your buck. This goes back to thinking of our overall video strategy for the year. Often you can take a longer-form 2:00 client/customer testimonial or interview-style piece and not only create that piece, but also break down the footage shot in creating that piece into 5-10 additional shorter-form videos to share on social media. Then, instead of having one video, for a very small additional cost, you have 6-11 pieces and can post one weekly on social media. Now you’re thinking like a media company and creating a steady stream of content. It’s that simple! We work with our clients routinely to offer suggestions and solutions to maximize your video budget and help you and your brand look like a powerhouse, constantly churning out content on social media, through internal communications, etc.

That pre-project planning is one of the most fun parts of the brainstorming process, and is important to think about before creating your next piece.

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