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Myth Busting: Five Video Shoot Myths

There are plenty of things people think before they are on camera that make them nervous or uncomfortable with the filming process. But we want people to always be comfortable in front of a camera, so I am here to dispel some of the common fears or “myths” that are commonly associated with being on a video shoot.

Video Shoot Myth 1:
“I Will Look Bad on Camera”

Firstly, I am not sure how to even label this fear/myth correctly, but we will NEVER let you look bad on camera. Our number one goal on any interview shoot is to make sure you look and sound your absolute best. Before every interview we check the interviewees clothes for any fuzz or hairs, we check their teeth for anything lingering from lunch that day, and we make sure that the current lighting isn’t producing any bright or shiny patches of skin. I cannot stress enough, we will make sure you look your best whenever the camera is rolling.

Myth 2:
“I Have to Memorize Everything”

Another one that people get hung up on is “I have to memorize everything I want to say.” This is just not true for a number of reasons. We actually do not want it to sound rehearsed or prepared in most cases, and if we do, it is very likely we will provide a teleprompter and coach you through the flow of that. More often than not, we prefer you to truly answer the question with your knowledge of the subject, and not to try to recite lines from memory. The resulting piece will feel so much more natural and conversational, even if it means you have to answer the question a few times to find your perfect train of thought. Which leads me into our next myth.

Myth 3:
“I Only Get One Shot”

“Oh jeez, I only get one shot at this.” If we are recording your interview for a post-produced piece (not live) then this is also not true. For us, repetition is everything. The more times you answer a question the closer you will get to a complete polished answer. Again, we don’t want you memorizing, but as you formulate your answer and add little bits and collaborate with the team on site, the answer gets closer to its best form. Never feel like you need to nail something in one take, at any time you can request to answer a question again if you think you can improve on the previous answer. 

Myth 4:
“It Only Takes a Few Minutes to Set Up”

Another common myth, or misunderstanding that we get often is “You guys can just get here like 20 minutes before right?” Unfortunately, in most, if not all cases, that require an interview set up we need a minimum of an hour to set up. This stems mostly from our attention to detail. For us to find our best framing for all angles, set up our lighting and audio, and then adjust the room (move distracting background elements, add in appealing background elements, correct or remove room lighting, turn off anything making noise, etc.) it takes time, and the more time you give us the better it will look and sound!

Myth 5:
“I Can't Talk with My Hands”

Last myth! “I have to keep my hands down, or at my sides” You don’t! Even in the strictest corporate settings, I encourage anyone on camera to talk to the interviewer or the camera the same way they talk to anyone else. Be yourself and use your normal conversational devices. This will help you to remain comfortable and answer the questions the way you normally would. There are more of these, and I may do a second take at this once I have them all together, but that is all for now! If you are going to be on camera soon, keep some of this in mind and remember to try to be comfortable!    


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