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My Editing Playlist: Josh

Music is a driving force behind my work ethic and creativity. I get more video editing done if I can jam out and lose the rest of the world for a while. Music is important to everyone for various reasons. Some music is great when you are happy, some better when you are sad. For me, one band covers the spectrum of circumstances in which a person may need music: Coheed and Cambria.

Excuse Me While I Nerd Out

Coheed and Cambria is all I listen to when I am video editing at work and really need to focus, or when I need creative inspiration. One of the many reasons for this is the story they tell with their music. I have always been a nerd. I love comic books, fiction novels, Rubiks cubes, video games, Magic the Gathering, building computers... the list goes on. The reason Coheed’s music can’t do wrong by me, is that their music is all based on a fictional universe created by the bands lead singer Claudio Sanchez. When he was young, he created a series of comic books called the Amory Wars, and each album they have released corresponds to a specific part of that amazing story. How cool is that? A band of four comes together and tells the stories of comic book heroes and villains that their friend created. I can’t properly describe how awesome, unique and inspiring that is to me.

Brotherly Bond

My second reason for my love of this band’s music, is the amazing relationship it has given me with my brother. He was the one who introduced me to this amazing band. He knows the story and talks about them the way I do. Despite our differences, we text each other lyrics that match up with the story and discuss it for hours. Music has done a lot for me over the years, but Coheed’s music has truthfully improved my life more than any other bands combined.

A Love of Great Stories

I could go on and on with reasons that I listen to this band so much, but I will give one more and call it quits for this post. As a storyteller myself, I love to dive deep into stories and talk about what makes them great. Whether it be what I am currently reading or something I have read in the past, it’s fun to bounce ideas off of someone who also read it and get their feedback. There is nothing better than someone who has read a story I love and wants to discuss, decipher and debate it with me. So, that’s what I listen to when I work, or hang out at home or anywhere really! I listen to Coheed all day and I will never get tired of it. Not so much of a playlist, more of a discography, but hopefully this gives you some insight to what inspires me and what drives my creativity. Do you have any bands that make you feel like this? Leave them in the comments below and let me know!

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