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5 Things We've Been Watching: September 2021

5 Things We've Been Watching : September 2021

We love video here at PEG (obviously) and talk about it pretty much non-stop. So, we wanted to share with you five things that caught our eye, started a conversation or gave us a little inspiration over the last month.  

Entertainment Insider | How Hollywood makes fake crowds look so real

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Crowds in TV and films are hard. Over the years there have been a lot of ways to try to fill scenes without using a literal stadium full of people and in a post-pandemic world, those are likely going to be even more important. This short doc follows the Ted Lasso crew as they fill stadiums full of fans with a mix of real and fake people to bring the soccer games to life. It is really interesting look at some real Hollywood magic.  

Movie Effects VFX | Behind-The-Scenes on Men In Black (1997)

See It Here

Why it’s a thing: This is an appreciation post for the whole movie.effects.vfx Instagram account. They have lots of great behind the scenes looks at all sorts of movies (with a good dose of video production humor thrown in). We loved this one in particular because we love to see a major motion picture using low-budget, easy gear moves - like apple boxes to propping things up - to create beautiful shots. Keep it simple.   

Environmental Design Group | Community Comeback Open House Invite

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Process videos like this are mesmerizing to watch. Seeing how people get to a finished product is always interesting - and when its a local company and we can recognize the landmarks as they are put in place, well that is just all the more fun.  

Amazon | Making Communities Stronger

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: It not new to see TikTok trends being using outside of the TikTok app. These spots for Amazon are a fun take on the "duet" style made popular by the app - bringing together two sides of a story, crossing over and sharing the narrative. Simple, well-shot and easy-to-replicate, Amazon easily turned these into a series that is all over social.  

WIRED | How Mushroom Time-Lapses Are Filmed

Watch It Here

Why it’s a thing: Have you ever thought about how they capture the time-lapses for these super close-up documentary shots? Well, let us tell you, it's pretty fascinating. Louie Schwartzberg has shot a lot of really impressive time-lapse over the years and it is interesting to see his process for capturing these fungi in his indoor (Yes, indoor!) studio. Check this out and then check out the final shots that were used in Fantastic Fungi, available on Netflix.  

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