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PEG Update August 2017 Blog Image
PEG Update August 2017

It's time for the PEG Update - August 2017 Edition! Let's see what the team was up to last month.…


My Editing Playlist: Jeffrey Blog Image
My Editing Playlist: Jeffrey

I, like most editors, pop up a playlist as soon as I get into a part of a project where I just need to focus and get through a specific area. My listening choices fall into two categories, podcasts and music.…

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Lessons Learned From Live Events Blog Image
Lessons Learned From Live Events

When our company got its start, live events were actually our focus, and the lessons that we have learned from our live events experience have given us incredible insight into how to connect with an…

Industry Philosophy

PEG Update July 2017 Blog Image
PEG Update July 2017

Time for another PEG Update! Check out everything we had going on in the month of July 2017.…


Introducing PEG Picks at The Nightlight Blog Image
Introducing PEG Picks at The Nightlight

Pritt Entertainment Group and The Nightlight are partnering to launch PEG Picks at the Nightlight, an exciting, new 4-part movie series in downtown Akron focusing on cinema throughout the last few…


Why Music Matters Blog Image
Why Music Matters

Music is an amazing tool for a video editor. It can be used to convey a range of emotions and set the overall tone of a piece.…

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