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My Creative Inspiration: Josh

Creative inspiration for me comes from 3 places:

  • Past experiences
  • New content
  • Good brainstorming sessions (with good friends)


Past Experiences

Now to be clear, the past experiences part of this isn’t just copying something I have done in the past. What I mean by this is trying to take advantage of any “should’ve” or “would’ve” moments from previous projects. Any of those cool ideas we just didn’t have time for or didn’t think of until too late. I always try to make note of these ideas and do my best never to forget these moments so that when a quote or concept meeting comes up, I will have these on standby. Sometimes things that didn't work in the past are perfect for a new project. You never know!

New Content

New content is exactly what it sounds like. I watch as much new, awesome content as I can when I am struggling to find a creative solution. It is nice to be able to look at so many pieces from so my many unique and creative videos for inspiration. It almost refreshes me. It lets me see things a new and different way and it hopefully helps me find what I have been looking for in the creative process.


Last but not least, brainstorming! I love bouncing ideas off of co-workers and friends. Each little piece of information, each idea can build an amazing piece. Being able to have so many different people involved ensures we are creating something unique. We all have a personal editing style, but one way we can break those styles and avoid uniformity in our pieces is to break out, try new editing techniques! I couldn’t ask for a better group to get tips and ideas from than my co-workers here at PEG, and I appreciate them for always being helpful and creative! Everyday is something different, and that makes it pretty exciting.  


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