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Talkin' Footage Blog Image
Talkin' Footage

From bitrate to b-roll, technical jargon and industry buzzwords can be confusing when it comes to footage.So, PEG Gear Master and Production Manager, Josh, is here to walk you through some of the more…

Industry Philosophy

Streaming Tech: YouTube Premiere Blog Image
Streaming Tech: YouTube Premiere

We are always looking into techniques and tech for video and recently that has meant lots of time focused on streaming live content. We just wanted to share a few of our favorite recent deep dives...…

Industry Philosophy

Why Can't I Fly My Drone There? Blog Image
Why Can't I Fly My Drone There?

One of our commercially-certified pilots, David, explains why the FAA has some pretty specific rules regarding where drones can and cannot fly. But also explains how we are here to help!…

Industry Philosophy