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PEG Insider 2020 Mid-Year Review: Part One

We post a lot of things on here. And we don't want you to miss anything! In this post we are taking a look back at a few of our favorite blogs and videos from the first half of 2020. For Part One we are focusing on blog posts written by our incredibly talented and knowledgeable team. Check back for Part Two where we will look back at our favorite videos so far. Think we forgot a good one? Let us know what made your list of top PEG Insider posts!

  A look at documentary styles blog main image

What to Watch Next: A Look at Documentary Styles

Who doesn't love a good documentary? So, James gave us an in-depth look at different documentary styles (who knew there were so many?) and some current examples of each to add to your watch list.  

Video trends that aren't going anywhere blog main image

Video “Trends” That Aren’t Going Anywhere

No matter what tech is coming and going in the video world, Ryan explains some concepts and content that will certainly stand the test of time.  

You need a video now what? main image

You Need A Video, Now What?

Account Manager, Claire, takes you through the first questions to ask yourself as you get your video project started.  

Live Streaming: Benefits, Options and What You Need To Know

There is A LOT to know about live streaming. And our team is here to answer questions, provide options and help guide you as you move from in-person events to a live stream alternative.  

3 Ways to Reuse B-Roll Footage

No video shoot? No problem. There are plenty of things you can do to repurpose and reuse existing footage you might have.  

Why Use Animation: Beyond The Basics

Whether by itself or combined with video, animation is a great way to bring some real magic to your video project.  

User-Generated Content: UGC in a 2020 WFH World

User-Generated Content isn't necessarily new, but it has made a big comeback in a world where everyone is working from home.  

TikTok: A Serious Video Marketing Platform?

No longer just a place for Gen-Z, Tiktok's rapidly-growing audience and various ad options has made it a go-to app for brands.

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