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Veroot Brand Video

The Result

The piece was well-received and the project was a big success. Not only was it a fun, creative video to make, but we were able to give the client a video that they’ll be able to use for years to come, showing off their brand and culture.

Read the full Veroot Brand Video Case Study here. 

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Video Transcript

In today's world of business, connections and communication, things can get, well, complicated. There's vendor setup, bids, procurement internal compliance, contracts to sign and get signed, collecting documents, getting approvals and organizing who's responded to what. Each of these requires a process. Using multiple systems to get it done can lead to inefficiency and frustration. This doesn't put you in a best position to win.

and that is why we made Veroot. At Veroot, we created a vendor management platform designed to meet all your needs.

No other software could handle collecting and managing this much information so easily and it's all automated and process driven. Right, Jill? I can keep track of contracts, bids, W-9s, certificates of insurance, get e-signatures, membership...

Veroot's user-directed customization allows you to handle whatever information you need to gather, send and track across your vendors and easily spot any gaps or expirations.

...operating authority, code of conduct sign-offs...

Veroot allows vendors to interact directly with you and generates automated actionable items to help you review and approve things faster. It does the things that slow you down, automatically providing real-time control and insight into your process so you can get things done.

...ACH payment info, contract renewals...

Basically we create efficiencies here, so you're efficient out there. With 75 percent faster onboarding and 80 percent less time searching for the information you need, Veroot keeps everyone happy and productive. We know good processes and visibility moves your business relationships forward. We're a company full of passionate people dedicated to providing you a better way to do just that. Check out a demo today. Veroot will change the way you work.