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LuvSeats Brand Video

The Result

The end brand launch spot was a funny, informative piece that grabbed attention. It was used alongside several national articles, including this one in Forbes, introducing LuvSeats and explaining their plans to change the future of the ticket market. 

Following the launch of the video, LeJon Woods, who was originally cast in this video, became the face of LuvSeats and has been featured in numerous campaigns and live events since.

You can read the full LuvSeats Brand Video Case Study here.

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Video Transcript

Last night was the best night of my life.

We were literally this close.

I was on the 50-yard line.

And we were down there for all the best songs.

I mean we're talking front row baby.

We were in a perfect spot.

Oh, I love those seats.

No look, I know they were great seats, but we were losing. I'd seen enough.

Now the seats I started with? If I could find that guy.

I mean really who leaves after the opening act?

Real music fans appreciate the opening acts.

They're loss, our win, because like one click on LuvSeats.


LuvSeats makes it easy to only see the bands I care about leave and make some cash back.

I got on LuvSeats, then we went to dinner instead. Best steak ever.

Found someone who was leaving early, and guess who was there for the rest of the night?

I'm so close, I was calling in plays. I apologize about the interception. That's, that's on me.

Find friends, move seats, share the love LuvSeats.

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