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Greater Akron Chamber Annual Meeting Videos

Blank Canvas

This video, featuring local artist Nikki Bartel, opened the Greater Akron Chamber Annual Meeting, introduced the "Lead Greater" theme and set the stage for the evening's events.


Closing the 2019 Greater Akron Chamber Annual Meeting, this video used a grungy, behind-the-scenes interview style mixed with stunning b-roll to explain the new mission of the Chamber and task the whole room to "Lead Greater, Akron."

The Result

The videos debuted at the annual meeting to great approval. It made viewers feel hopeful about the future and the direction GAC was taking – and they could see how they could contribute and where they could benefit.

The videos were also released on social media so people who live, work and support the greater Akron area could also get up-to-speed on the latest GAC initiatives. Blank Canvas is the most watched video on the GAC Facebook page. Combined, the videos have over 5,500 views on Facebook with over 50 shares.

The success of the videos were largely due to the collaboration and communication with the GAC. We worked closely with GAC on a clear creative direction for both of these videos and worked closely with the client the whole way through the process to ensure the right words told the right story.

In the end, our videos created a one-of-a-kind journey through the city and produced an inspiring opportunity to unify the viewers and leaders alike.

Read the full 2019 Greater Akron Chamber Annual Meeting Videos Case Study here. 

The Blank Canvas Video won a Silver ADDY Award in the category of Branded Content & Entertainment, Non-Broadcast.

Other Projects

Blank Canvas Video Transcript

How do you make a region great? Do you erase it all and start over? Take your heritage and just like that, gone? A blank canvas? A clean slate?

Or do you embrace your past and build on it? Respect the work of those before you and learn from their lessons. A head start, our secret advantage. In Greater Akron, the colors on our canvas run deep. We've seen the highs, the lows and heard all the critics who said we'd never come back. But those people don't really know us. Not yet, not like this. Our past is an asset and the future is our focus. Everywhere is an opportunity and we've got the tools to create something bold, something bright, with direction and passion. Every act, every move can change the picture completely.

We're thinkers. Doers. We take care of our own and recognize that we need more than one color to succeed. We're not a concrete jungle. We're a city and a park. And when people say do they still make things in Akron? Well, they're in for a lesson. The brush strokes on the canvas of our region. They're coming together and we're just getting started.

With great opportunity, great projects and great momentum it's time for us all to lead greater.

Blueprint Video Transcript

We're working to build a great chamber that can support the success of a great community. The idea of a blueprint reflects the first step in that build. The blueprint is the broad outline of the work we need to do to create greater prosperity and economic advancement for the Greater Akron area.

The task team was deliberate about the term blueprint, because it represents the fact that there have been high level themes developed, but that the work is still in progress. 

We have a strong partnership with the chamber and with the county, and we're strengthening that ecosystem to provide deeper roots for entrepreneurs to help them succeed. We're committed to the growth and success of all of Akron's entrepreneurs.

In addition to our targeted approach to business retention and expansion, the local partners will take a more strategic data-driven approach to developing regional growth and development strategies. The Elevate Greater Akron plan calls on the chamber to lead these strategic initiatives that will keep us competitive and successful in the 21st century.

There are so many organizations here to help companies grow. It is critical that these organizations be well connected so companies can access the help they need and keep their focus on running and growing their business.

Research is critical because it provides insight into these opportunities. Recent completion of the polymer study is part of the Elevate Greater Akron work is a great example. We can not only identify the next big thing for Akron, but we can create it.

Akron is at a fantastic tipping point and I believe it's soon to be a breakout community. We are making progress on all fronts. Encouraging new businesses, building new housing, improving our infrastructure. There is literally so much to love about Akron and if we tell our stories the world will see that, too.

Small and mid-sized businesses are the drivers of new technology, diverse cultures and employment growth. We need to ensure these companies have access to unique solutions and resources as well as a place to convene and connect in order to thrive.

Our work is in support of the entire business community, but the potential for these middle market companies is a big part of our future and a big focus of this plan. Many of us feel that inclusion is the right thing to do. That it creates the kind of world we want to live in. For those who need even more reason to get behind it, inclusion is smart business.

Inclusion is a key element for driving the success of our region and the business community. We need to meet businesses where they are and provide them with resources, support and tools that allow them to become more inclusive.

We know that businesses are economically more successful when their workforce and leadership are made up of people with diverse backgrounds and experiences. We need to come together as a community to make this happen.

Colleges and universities here in Akron are working with Connexus NEO and with businesses to determine what the business needs are. We need to find ways to make sure our students can connect with employers so that students can have work-based learning experiences, internships, practical experience with companies that make them even better prepared for their chosen careers once they graduate and go to work.

Workforce is one of the greatest challenges facing the business community. We need to drive employer-focused solutions to critical skills gaps by increasing job access and employer engagement with the talent development system.

This blueprint is a foundation, but its success relies on the leadership of everyone in this community. Let's harness this momentum and run with it. Let's work together to lead Greater Akron.

Let's lead greater, greater, greater, greater, greater. Let's lead greater, greater, greater, greater, greater, greater. Let's lead Greater Akron.