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#WhyNotAkron Video

The Result

This video was met with excitement from people not only locally, but around the world with connections to Akron. The Mayor’s Office shared the video on its Facebook account, uploading the video to that platform. They also uploaded it to Youtube, sharing that link on Twitter. The response and outpouring of love for the video was overwhelming.

Facebook: 144,677 Impressions

Twitter: 14,610 Impressions

YouTube: 2,500 Views

These numbers shattered previous records for the city’s accounts. It became their most-shared and most-liked post of all-time, making for a successful end to a great project!

Read the full #WhyNotAkron Video Case Study here. 

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Video Transcript

The people of Akron are a very diverse group. They come from all over the country to come here and from all over the world, for that matter. Akron is a welcoming home to anybody, at any cultural level, economic level, educational level, there are opportunities here for everybody.

I'm from Bhutan. I live 25 years in refugee camp in eastern part of Nepal. Now, I am in Akron. The people who want to do something, they can get opportunity here.

2008, I'm move into Akron, and I love it, I have a family here. Akron I think is my home now. I don't think about anywhere else.

My family is my joy. It's everything to me. I would do anything to show them that they can do better and there's help out there if they are in need of anything. We need each other to keep us going. Akron is a great area and place to live. There's a lot of support and resources.

Akron is a city that takes care of its own. The way I would describe Akron to somebody is 'turning the page.' It seems like a lot of people that I have been lucky to meet are not just sitting around waiting for other people to take care of the problems in the city and in their communities. They're actively trying to be part of the solution and that makes me really hopeful.

it's great to be a part of a community like Akron where you can, as a young professional, take your dream and make it happen. We've been excited to kind of come alongside the other entrepreneurs that are doing the same thing. 

The city of Akron is like a garden. It has some blighted areas that are just ripe for greening and a lot of people in place and excited to organize their community around greening those spaces. It's important to have a city that self-sustains, so that they are able to care for each other and and meet their own needs.

As a resident of Akron, clean safe water is important to me as I consume it every day. Coming to work and helping to provide that for all of the residents of Akron and neighboring communities makes it very personal.

I think the people of Akron want to encourage diversity, sustainability, community. I think the people of Akron are very caring and compassionate and want to see the city grow.

I do feel like the people of Akron are different than people in other cities just because um we're a little more rustic, we're kind. We definitely have a ton of tenacity, where we fall down we get back up. We don't let a lot of things get to us, we just figure it out and make it happen. We're inspired by like everything. Our history, what we are, what we have been, what we're on the road to becoming. You can show representation and love for your actual home or different things that only we know about. The inspiration comes from everybody and everything within the city.

One of the few things in life that you don't get to choose is where you're from. We lucked out if you're from Akron, because it's a great place to be from. Akron has a little bit of everything. There's no shortage of stuff that you can throw yourself into and be proud of here.