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Why Is Stock Footage Not included In My Cost?


James explains why items like potential costs for stock photos or stock footage aren't finalized until the very end of the video project.


Video Transcript

Hey, everybody. James here from Pritt Entertainment Group and I'm here with another Lights. Camera. Answers. segment. And this time the question is "why does stock, why is stock footage rather, not included in the cost?"

So, we tend to not put the stock footage cost upfront because during the editing process oftentimes it can change what stock footage clips go where as you develop further and further cuts. You know you develop a better idea as to what clips you want to use and which ones you may get rid of, so by waiting until the end to actually purchase the clips, you're saving yourself a lot of time going back and forth with prices or even looking for prices of clips that you may not end up using. So just by placing them in on that final cut you can save all that effort and get a better product in the end result.

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