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Why Shoot in 4K?


On today's Lights. Camera. Answers., Josh explains why when it comes to the benefits of shooting 4K - it's all about the pixels. Lots and lots of pixels.

Video Transcript

How's it going, guys? Josh Kuss with Pritt Entertainment Group back with another Lights. Camera. Answers. segment. Our question today is "why 4k?" or in our case 5k. We've got our RED filming today, so I thought and why not show off more pixels even and go with 5k. The answer to the question is exactly that - you get more pixels. So, having more resolution to play with gives you the possibility of cropping in your footage for a final output of 1920 by 1080. So, anything that you're browsing, Facebook, YouTube, typically you're seeing 1920 by 1080 footage and so what 4k and 5k allow you to do is to take that 4k and 5k footage and actually crop in quite a bit and still maintain full quality at 1920 by 1080.

So, I brought my buddy Donut here and he's actually gonna be an example for you guys since this is filmed in 5k, and you guys should be seeing basically a comparison between what this would look like exported at 1080 and then scaled up to see the dog, and straight from the raw 5k scaled up to see the dog. And you guys should see a pretty massive difference in quality.

Hopefully that answers your question well enough. If you want to see more of these or just in general more content that we put out, check out our YouTube or our Facebook, even our Instagram is fun. So check those out and I'll see you guys next time you.

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